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Tyson Bailey

Tyson Bailey

With a rich background in both Financial Planning and Digital Marketing, I Tyson founded Trained Advisor to support Financial Advisors and Independent Agents in today's digital age. On my hands-on experience, from Penn Mutual to Camas Consulting, ensures you're in expert hands.

Tyson Bailey: From Filing Papers to Founding Trained Advisor

Hello there! I’m Tyson, and I’ve always been deeply passionate about two things: Advanced Financial Planning with Life Insurance and, quite interestingly, Marketing.
Having grown up with a father who was an accomplished tax and estate planning attorney, financial planner, and an Advanced Planning Consultant, my exposure to the financial industry began early.
Those seemingly trivial tasks of creating marketing materials and presentations for my dad laid the foundation for what would become my lifelong passion.

Bridging the Gap: The Genesis of Trained Advisor

Fast forward a few years, and after soaking in knowledge from some of the industry’s brightest minds at Penn Mutual and putting that expertise to work at Camas Consulting, I realized that life insurance and marketing often existed in separate channels. Advisors would frequently focus on one at the expense of the other.
That’s why I created Trained Advisor, a unique blend of my twin passions. At Trained Advisor, we’ve crafted innovative marketing techniques such as LinkedIn funnels, video strategies, and more to help professionals like you find and engage with your ideal clients.

Showcasing Our Stars: Services and Programs at Trained Advisor

Now, you might be curious about some of our standout services and programs. Our Done-For-You Marketing, for instance, is designed to take all the marketing load off your shoulders.
And if you’re intrigued by the power of LinkedIn, our 7-day LinkedIn Marketing Bootcamp is just the ticket to harnessing that potential. But that’s just scratching the surface.
From Sales Funnel Creation to Regulatory Compliance, and our unique High Premium Attraction System, we’ve got a palette of offerings to cater to every need.

Not Just a Resume: My Diverse Tapestry of Experiences

Wondering what sets me apart from others? Apart from my in-depth industry knowledge, I’ve managed corporate operations, coordinated large-scale marketing campaigns for big names like RE/MAX and The Home Depot, and even had hands-on experience in life insurance strategies at Camas Consulting.

Let’s Craft Your Success Story Together

So, whether you’re a Life Insurance Agent, Financial Advisor, or an Independent Agent, I genuinely understand your journey because I’ve walked that path.
Ready to harness the power of innovative marketing tailored for financial professionals?
Let’s chat. Book a call with me, and let’s get started on your success story!

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