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You don't need more retirement planning leads...

You need more retirement planning clients.

…all without cold calling, begging for referrals, or spending a single dime on ads

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*No Cost, No Obligation, No Pressure!

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What Our Advisors Experience

I’m Ready for My Strategy Session!

*No Cost, No Obligation, No Pressure!

Imagine waking up to an inbox, full of people wanting to talk to you...

…and you spend 20-30 minutes just responding back to people while the coffee is brewing.

These are people who want to meet with you to help their financial situation in some way, shape, or form.

These are people with a problem, looking to you for help as the financial expert that they know and trust.

These are people who need and want your help now.

Just imagine that.

Because that’s what our Trained Advisors experience every morning.

Here’s The Reality:

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If you’re not having new conversations every single day, you’re leaving money on the table.

That’s where most advisors fall short…

…your fastest path to cash is conversations!

And that’s where Trained Advisor comes in.

Because it’s not your fault you weren’t properly taught how to prospect or market yourself.

And it’s not your fault you were only taught to rely on referrals!

So imagine…

If all you had to do

was reply back to people saying “YES!” to you…

And you never had to worry about where the next conversation would come from…

What’s that peace of mind worth to you?

Because that’s what Trained Advisors feel every day.

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I’m Ready for My Strategy Session!

*No Cost, No Obligation, No Pressure!

"...I just submitted the application for him, and it's $50,000 per year, with a target premium of about $25,000!"
- Jay H.
"I've never been into digital marketing in any way, shape or form, let alone social media. I barely even knew how to log into my own Facebook account! Now I have over 16,000 connections on LinkedIn and have people reaching out to ME weekly with real cases and business. It's been a game changer."
- Rick B., JD, MAcc, CFP
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... I'm only about a week into it, and the deliverables were very professional and impressive. I have been building funnels, but his stuff is top notch! But did it work? Well, I just started rolling out the proven offer, and already I've had 4 people respond and one person book an appointment and I had a great conversation with a young guy who I have a real good feeling about. This is literally less than a full week after rolling it out!"
- Tony F., MDRT, Top of the Table Member
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All Implemented & Optimized For You…


Tax-Free Retirement Campaign


Retirement Planning Video Campaign


Retirement Income Protection Campaign


Annuity Campaign


Life Insurance Policy Review Campaign

Plus 6 More Campaigns, Spanning 12+ Months!

No more messing with technology, figuring out what the “next campaign” is, or wondering where your next client is coming from…

I’m Ready for My Strategy Session!

*No Cost, No Obligation, No Pressure!


Meet Tyson Bailey

Having been in the insurance and financial industries in many positions, from case design to personal production, I always knew that marketing was important, I just couldn’t ever seem to “crack the code.”

After years and literally thousands of dollars spent, I discovered that using a simple, repeatable framework, I could use LinkedIn to get in front of my dream client, develop a relationship with them, and turn my connections into clients on demand.

Combining my passion for marketing and working with advisors, I began helping other financial and insurance professionals replicate the success I had seen.

The Result? Millions Of Dollars Generated For My Clients.

Our process is simple:

I’m Ready for My Strategy Session!

*No Cost, No Obligation, No Pressure!


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