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Training In The Insurance/Financial Industries Just Isn't What It Used To Be...

Years ago, advisors would go through training programs that were designed to teach them how to acquire, identify, present and close advanced cases. With those types of programs few and far between, Legacy Planning Academy leads the way in teaching advisors not only the basics of life insurance, but how to Acquire, Identify, Present & CLOSE more advanced planning sales
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Designed by some of the financial industry’s brightest minds, this complimentary, weekly 10 minute training is designed to help you better AcquireIdentifyPresent and Close Advanced Planning Cases.

Topics covered include Premium FinanceCharitable Planning, Estate PlanningLife Insurance Inside of Retirement PlanningEmployee Retention and Executive Benefit PlanningAdvanced Tax Planning and MORE…

Our 4 Pillars of Advanced Planning Success

To truly be successful in the Advanced Planning Markets, you need to be able to effectively, Acquire, Identify, Present and Close Advanced Life Insurance Sales. Without even one of these pieces, you could find yourself overwhelmed, confused or even bored due to a lack of cases. 


You can have all the knowledge in the world, but what does it mean if you have no prospects or leads coming through? Learn how this process is accomplished in today's digital world.



Sitting down with a prospect and being able to identify where the advanced sale is, is crucial. Think about how many sales may be missed simply because the advisor was unaware a solution existed...



Presenting and Selling concepts in a simple, understandable way can easily be considered an art form. Learn from those who have dealt with clients in the 7, 8, 9 and even 10 figure net worth range!



Potentially the most important step of the sales process, closing business is the final step before you get paid. Don't miss your chance to learn from some of the best and see how they are able to close the big deals.

Don't Let Another Advanced Planning Case Pass You By...

About Rick Bailey, JD, MAcc, CFP®

Advanced Planning Consultant

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Rick Bailey is the Founder and Chairman of Camas and one of the most highly-renowned estate planners in the United States. As a Certified Financial Planner with a Master’s degree in Accountancy/Taxation as well as a Juris Doctorate, Rick Bailey is a highly valuable asset to private clients, CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, and life insurance professionals for his expertise in advanced estate, business, tax, retirement and case design.

Rick’s years of experience in legal, tax, and financial services have attracted thousands of high-net-worth private clients and his upfront planning fees typically start at $25,000. He also specializes in training advisors in planning strategies, preparing proposals, presentations, case designs, and affinity partnerships.  
His extensive background includes work as an estate planning attorney, financial planner, and both a Regional Marketing Director and Advanced Planner for a major life insurance company. He has authored numerous articles and given many presentations on topics such as business planning, succession planning, income-tax strategies for closely-held businesses, asset protection, buy-sell agreements, and wealth-preservation strategies. His latest book, titled “Orchestrate Your Legacy,” has been well-received by critics.
Over his career, Rick learned that his deepest passion lies in educating financial professionals how to do business in the advanced planning markets. As a certified CE instructor, he has trained thousands of CPAs, attorneys, life insurance agents, and financial advisors across the country in advanced estate, business, tax, insurance, retirement and case design. His strategies have helped thousands of financial professionals attract more advanced cases which focus on high-net-worth individuals and business owners, helping them to dramatically increase their revenue and generate millions in target premiums.
In his sessions, which are backed by decades of experience, you will learn his tactics and strategies that use scenarios from advanced real-world cases as well as what-if scenarios which cater to attorneys, clients, and financial professionals alike. You will learn about how he analyzes and evaluates cases, attracts more clients, and assists current clients in estate planning, tax strategies, wealth preservation, and other advanced financial matters.
As one of the most highly-regarded advanced tax and legacy planners in the nation, Rick’s sessions go beyond just the theories of advanced finance: Rick uses actual real-world cases from his years of experience and provides direct breakdowns, explains his tactics, and helps you understand how to apply these theories and strategies to succeed with clients in actual situations and not just theoretical ones